Phone Chat Guide

Mr. Chat Line’s Phone Chat Guide

So, you’re looking to call a chat line but don’t know what’s up. I got your back.

We’re about to take the deepest dive into phone chat. You ready? Good.

The definition of a chat line is pretty much in the name itself. It’s a phone line where people come to chat. It’s essentially a phone dating platform, where you can virtually meet and match with other singles who live closeby. It’s an awesome way to connect, and it feels way more genuine than an app or website because you get the chance to hear the sound of someone’s voice. You are introduced to other callers or members by something called a greeting. A chat line greeting is a little recorded message about yourself. Listen to other greetings in order to find someone who sounds attractive to you, then strike up a conversation. It beats swiping through profile after profile. There’s something really cool about connecting through voice alone.

Chat lines are buzzing all hours of the day or night, swarmed with daters who are seeking various types of relationships. They are so busy because chat lines are an awesome viable dating options which offer a place to start a relationship, flirt, or just talk. Not looking for anything serious? That’s ok too. Chat lines are also designed for people who would love to engage in something erotic. The best part about chat lines is that they feature callers who are in your area. This means you can meet up for a date, or something a little sexier. What you make of chat lines is completely your call.

Step 1: Call the line

Everyone’s got their hands on their phones 24/7 these days, so we probably don’t need to tell you to grab yours. As you know, chat lines are phone dating numbers. Once you’ve got that cell or home phone handy (do people still use landlines?), you’re going to want to dial that chat line number. Seems pretty obvious, right? What’s not so clear is how to choose which number you are going to call. This is when you are going to want to think about what you are interested in gaining from the experience. Do you want a full blown love fest, or are you just calling to banter or pick up a local hottie? It’s fine if you aren’t sure, but knowing what you want is going to help you choose which chat line to call. There are categories ranging from Latina, to gay, to erotic, urban, lesbian, and plain old dating. Our suggestion to you, if you don’t know what you want, is to call a dating line. They often offer the biggest range of possibilities, from friendships to sexual flirtation. If you spend enough time on the line, the right type of lady will find you.

PRO TIP : Most chat lines offer free trials. If you are shopping around for your perfect line, take advantage of those trials! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Step 2 : Follow the operator’s directions

Chat lines are all kind of similar. They follow a pattern, but each has its own flavor. This is why you’re going to want to listen to your operator. To be clear, chat lines don’t connect you with paid operators. This is just the first voice who will walk you through the process. Don’t be intimidated, it’s very simple. She’ll likely tell you to set up a greeting, which is the 3rd step.

Step 3 : Set up your greeting

This is where the fun starts. Setting up a greeting is your chance to shine. Again, the greeting is an introductory message which will act as your dating profile (in a sense) on the chat line. It’s the first time someone will hear your voice, and use it as a deciding factor as to whether or not they want to match with you. But no pressure! Seriously, chat line greetings aren’t that complicated. You’re not going in for a job interview. Chat lines are about having a nice time.

Here’s how to set up the perfect greeting
You’re going to want your greeting to be concise, calm, and cool. State who you are, as in your name, and maybe a little factoid about yourself. For example, “Hey, I’m John. I like long walks on the beach.” We’re sure you can come up with something more creative. Next, we advise you to tell the community of callers what you are looking for. “Hey, I’m John. I like long walks on the beach and I’m looking for a lady who wants a serious relationship.” Invite what you want. Into something more sexual than a long-term relationship? It’s completely cool to be upfront about your interests in the line. There’s not a whole lot of judgement, which is another awesome thing about chat lines.

Step 4 : Listen to other greetings + match

Ok, we lied before. This is when the real fun begins. Start combing through your options. We are pretty positive you are going to like what you hear. Calling a chat line for the first time and listening to the sounds of sexy people’s voices is like being a kid in a candy shop. It can be really fun. Don’t let it become totally distracting, as you are here to connect. So, if you enjoy someone’s voice, connect with them!

What does it mean to connect?
Great question. There are two ways you can typically connect with someone on a chat line. You can either leave them a message which would prompt them to call you later, or chat with them right there if they are available!

Step 5 : Chat!

Ladies and gents, this is why we’re here! Once you’ve found someone (or several someones) special, you can get to flirting, talking, and having a blast!

PRO TIP :Treat your chat line dating experience as a virtual dating merry-go-round. It’s speed dating, but on the phone. If you don’t like someone then – bleep! Onto the next! The bleep was a button if you weren’t sure 🙂


As always, safety is the most important thing. This is true on chat lines too. So, when you are on a chat line, you are going to want to follow these guidelines pretty strictly. This is so that you have a safe and enjoyable experience, and so that you don’t get kicked off any of the phone dating platforms!

Don’t share private information:

Keep your personal stuff personal. It’s a simple rule of thumb that unfortunately, some people don’t abide by. Those folks end up getting scammed or end up in dangerous situations. Don’t let this be you! With that in mind, keep your address, social, credit card info, and any other private information a secret from other callers for your own good.

Don’t talk to minors:

Minors shouldn’t be on chat lines. If you think you are talking to a minor, it’s your job to report that person.

If you meet in-person, do it in public:

Always meet someone new in a public place.

Don’t be abusive on the line:

For the most part, people are respectful of each other on phone dates and such, but every so often, a bully slips through the cracks. Don’t be that person. Don’t spew hate speech, violent language, threats, or anything of that nature on chat lines. Others will report you and you won’t be allowed back on the line.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, abandon ship:

You shouldn’t have to feel like a victim of harsh language or any type of situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to stay on the phone for anyone, so we suggest moving on. Report the abuser so that they don’t do it to others.

Phone Dating Tips

  • Have some topics of conversation on standby (like hobbies, careers, the future)
  • Call in your sweats. It’s the biggest bonus of phone dating
  • Ask questions
  • Open up, don’t be afraid to show your true colors
  • Don’t cut people off
  • Don’t dominate the chat
  • Make sure the coast is clear. Roommates and children don’t mix too well with chat dates
  • Call in your sweats. It’s the biggest bonus of phone dating
  • Be engaging
  • Bring up interesting stories