Mr. Chat Line reviews all of the phone chat line numbers with free trials of 2024. The numbers are separated into categories and the free trial length is next to each brand name.

Page last updated on June 24, 2024.


Love the idea of a gay bar more than actually going to one? Flirt and swoon over local hunks and twinks who are in your area by calling a gay chat line!


Black chat lines are virtual hangouts for fun urban singles. Chat, laugh, and hang with black locals in your area.


Lesbian chat lines are the premier way to foster genuine woman-to-woman connections with ladies who live nearby!

Ok, What Exactly Are Phone Chat Lines?

A phone chat line is pretty simple. It’s a phone-based service for adults to meet, chat, form casual sexy friendships or long-lasting relationships. Most chat line numbers operate in a similar fashion: You call into the line, set up a personal greeting, browse through other greetings, match, and chat with hot local singles who are into the same things you are. It sounds simple but not all chat lines are created equally, which is why Mr. Chat Line was born. I am here to give you honest reviews of the best chat lines in the phone dating game because, as an avid chat line user, I think you deserve to know what you are stepping into each time you dial into a line. Check out my full phone chat guide for more info.

Who Is Mr. Chat Line and Why Did You Make This?

Look, I’m just a guy who loves chat lines. I love them so much that I’ve called virtually every single one and is able to give them honest reviews based on my real experiences. If you’re looking for generic star ratings, you’ve come to the wrong place. But, if you want to learn the truth about each line, delve into the types of people who call the lines, and expose yourself to the pros and the cons of each line… welcome! Phone dating is a unique experience for everyone and should be treated as such. A chat line that works for one person might not work for another, and that’s ok. I simply think you deserve to have all the information before spending any hard earned mullah.

What Kinds of Chat Lines Are Available And How Did You Judge Them?

As you can tell by the various categories on this page, there are a variety of chat line numbers in different niches. How do I judge them? That’s simple. I call every single one and try to evaluate them based on my authentic experience. Sometimes, I have Mr. Chat Line associates dial in and give their opinions for some of the lines that I need help evaluating. For example, I am not a lesbian so I enlisted some friends so the reviews would be genuine. We base our reviews on the quality of customer service, the technological advancement of the line, the types of callers, fairness in price, and best part – the free trials.

Give Me a Few Of Your Best Chat Line Tips, Mr. Chat Line

  • Keep your greeting lighthearted and fun so that it attracts others to you
  • Never give out personal information on a chat line
  • Be upfront about your intentions. Are you calling to flirt or build a relationship?
  • Call a line that fits your interests so you can meet likeminded locals
  • Listen and learn how to be a good conversationalist
  • Go into each call with an open mind… you never know who you might meet!
  • Enjoy the free minutes!