10 Signs You’re Falling In Love On A Chat Line

Love. Is there anything on this earth that’s sweeter? Tons of people call chat lines searching for it, and it doesn’t happen for everyone. It’s never guaranteed that you’ll find it when you call into a chat line. Although there is so much hope and opportunity when you do dial in. But what exactly does falling in love on a chat line feel like? It’s one of the most universal things that people are after. Yet it’s also the hardest thing to describe. Some would even say impossible. Is it explosive like a firework, or slow and relaxing like driving away at sea? How does one know if they’ve fallen in love with their chat line companion? It’s a feeling that is unique to each person. While difficult to put your finger on, there are signs that it’s happening to you right now. Exciting, isn’t it? As someone who has experienced love on a chat line in the past, I can tell you exactly the signs that show that you are in fact experiencing that mystical thing we call love.

You get nervous on the call 

Sure. Everyone is nervous on a chat line date. But this time it’s a little different. The nerves feel more like excitement and your body just can’t sit still while on the phone. You are hanging on their every word and have (what I like to call) “happy jitters.” Maybe you’re shaky, but it feels nice.

But not embarrassed

Like I said, you are nervous in a good way. You know that you have finally fallen in love with someone when you feel like you can be your 100% authentic self around them. While you are invested in keeping your phone date interested, embarrassment doesn’t really happen because you are considering spending your life with this person.

You tell secrets

Part of being in love is sharing your secrets with your chat line companion. Secrets equate to intimacy. That’s a big deal on a chat line because it’s hard to maintain other forms of intimacy over the phone. Sharing pieces of yourself that are not shared with others is a way to show that you are experiencing strong feelings for the person on the phone with you.

You’re affectionate

Have you started calling your chat line companion by a pet name? Have you started using the phrase, “Babe”? You might be falling in love. These names help create the secret world of love between you and your phone date. You are essentially speaking your own language. Soon enough you’ll be able to finish each other’s… sandwiches. And sentences.

You don’t want to hang up

Don’t you just want to stay talking on the phone with your chat line companion forever and ever? Not wanting the chat to end means that you enjoy the company of the person you are talking to. The honeymoon phase of love involves the idea that you just can’t get enough of the other person. While that phase tends to phase out with time, it’s a fantastic sign at the beginning of any loving relationship.

You’re genuinely interested

What they have to say feels inspiring. Even if your chat line date is talking about which kind of food she feeds her cat, the way she talks about it feeds your soul. You ask her questions about it. You ask questions about her life in general. It sounds silly but you’d listen to anything your chat line date has to say because that person can do no wrong. You also are invested in the things that make them happy. It’s almost as if you have adopted them as your own, even if it is something as boring as cat food.

They don’t annoy you

You might not even pick up on this one. Look out for it. The truth is that everyone on planet earth is a little annoying. We all have ticks that piss people off. If you have yet to even notice any from your chat line companion, or you have picked up on them but they don’t bother you, that’s a sign of love. Their flaws might even make them better, more endearing, or cuter in your eyes.

You feel elated after the phone date

The chat line dates give you a high that far exceeds the length of the call itself. This high, it’s called love and baby you are all up in it. That’s literally the feeling that you are having if you experience a fun rush once the call is over.

You think about them all the time

Speaking of the call being over – do you think about your chat line date at times that are borderline intrusive? Are you thinking about them at work, at home, while watching your favorite TV show? That is because you want the person there with you while you do all of the things you normally do alone!

You ditch your routine

You will drop almost anything to go on a phone date with your chat line companion when you are experiencing feelings of love. Even if you have a set routine or you are giving up something that you thoroughly enjoy doing. These are sacrifices you’d make to spend time with the person you are falling for. That’s a big deal!

Now that you’ve read the 10 signs that you’re falling in love on a chat line, do you believe it to be true? Do these signs resonate with you and are you experiencing some or all of them? If your answer is yes, I am happy for you buddy! This might be the end of your chat line dating career if you’ve found someone to be monogamous with, but you’ve got plenty of fun and amazing moments ahead of you.