Erotic Chat Line Conversation Starters

It’s a nightmare situation: You call a naughty phone chat line and realize you have no idea what to say to the other person. Suddenly a potentially hot situation gets awkward really quickly and you wonder why you’re even there in the first place. Avoid this humiliating circumstance by getting some erotic chat line conversation starters under your belt. That way, you can always go into every chat line with the confidence and passion to have the hottest conversation of your life. Everyone who calls a naughty number is looking to be turned on, and lots of them are just as nervous about it as you are. But hey, you deserve to be turned on just as much as anyone and the weight isn’t all on you! These conversation starters are just a way to get the ball rolling in a direction that makes you feel ready for a dirty chat. Here are tips on how to win her body with the words coming out of your mouth:


Ask if she’s had any dirty thoughts lately:

This puts the ball in her court in terms of what will be talked about. When you ask this, whether or not she actually has had any dirty thoughts that day (hint: she’s calling an erotic chat line so you know she has), she will tell you yes. Then you can ask her to describe them to you. This is sort of like conversation foreplay for you. When she’s done, you can play off the thing she has said with dirty thoughts of your own.


Compliment her voice:

To have a successful time on an erotic chat line, both callers need to be feeling themselves during the phone date (physically and mentally). Give her an instant boost of confidence by telling her that she has a hot and sexy voice. Tell her that just her voice is turning you on and that you know she’s sexy based on it. By giving a little ego boost, you are making her feel safe to open up to you in all the dirty ways you’re hoping for.


Tell her what you like:

You can totally take control here by telling your phone date what makes you feel horny. This gives you the chance to steer the conversation in a direction that works for you and gives her the chance to play off of what you are saying rather than forcing her to come up with something on her own. It’s an easy place to start because you already know what you like!

These are three ways to start an erotic phone chat and break the ice. Try these things out on your next call and see how it goes! When you actually get deep into the conversation, there’s something important that you’ll want to pay attention to beyond the words themselves…


Pro tip: Pay attention. While having phone sex or on a naughty phone date, it’s important to pay attention to non-verbal cues. This includes heavy breathing, moans, and more. This will help you figure out what is working for your phone date and what isn’t. If something you say gets a lot of moans, then you know that you are doing something right.