Free Chat Lines Review: FreeChatGirls Vs Girls Flirt Free

If you are single and lonely, then it might be time for you to try to get into the chat line game. Although this is a great idea and can lead to many fun and flirtatious conversations, it can truly be overwhelming with all of the chat lines that are available to you. The list is long, and you don’t have the time to check them all out yourself to see which ones are better and which ones are worse. Let us do the hard work for you! Many singles enjoy FreeChatGirls, while other singles swear by Girls Flirt Free. So which one of these free chat line numbers is better for your needs?



This singles chat line is for people who want to talk to women, no matter what interests or fetishes you might have. And yes, let’s get it right out in the open, sexy talk is what this is all about with FreeChatGirls. If you are a horny human, this is the place for you! Even looking up the number on the website will give you a bunch of sexy pictures and help you realize you are in the right place for your desires. 


This site is extremely easy to use. If you call the number on the home screen you will have a free ten-minute trial, and after that you can input your credit card number. They do have very reasonable membership fees, and we recommend joining so that you can get your fill of flirting. Once you have your membership in hand, prepare your own message and greeting, find someone you would like to talk to, and then get going for some steamy one-on-one time. They also have local numbers so you can be sure you are talking to someone close by. 


One perk of FreeChatGirls is that men have a special number where they can talk for free, which is not often the case with other chat lines. Another perk is that you will get a lot of hot, erotic talk on these phone lines. As a chat line dedicated to sexy talk, and a variety of fetishes and interests, this is definitely going to heat you up!


As for the nuts and bolts, the site is safe and has passed all of the scam tests. You can remain anonymous and keep your credit card intact if you use this! As for pricing, one drawback is you have to call in to find the exact prices, but they do tend to be reasonable. And if you join up with a membership, they will offer up to 75 minutes of free talk. 


Girls Flirt Free

Girls Flirt Free is a chat line that caters to women, and it does everything it can to make sure that women have a wonderful, sexy time. You are the master of your destiny on this site, and this is a great place to head if you want to be naughty. The entire site is dedicated to women. 


When you call the operator, you can choose to talk to a local lady, or someone from around the US or Canada. You can record a greeting and begin chatting absolutely free of charge. You are also able to send private messages. This site is going to cater right to women, and from the first moment, you call they are talking to women. If you are a sexy woman that is looking to be taken care of, then this site is for you. And if you choose the local calling number, you will have a chance to meet up in person for some fun. 


This site is very safe and comes out of a world-class call center. Security, privacy, and customer service are all top of the line. Prices will range from $9.99 for 25 minutes, to $50.00 for 225 minutes. If you are looking for some sexy fun, it is definitely worth it!


Chat lines are a great place to meet people and to have a good time. Depending on what you are personally looking for, FreeChatGirls or Girls Flirt Free might be just the site you are looking for!