Fun Topics For Phone Dates

First dates are always a tad scary. There are a lot of unknowns the come with meeting and getting to know someone for the very first time. There are plenty of first dates to be had when you call a phone dating service. More often than not, it’s a first date. Running into someone you’ve already met on the like is unlikely unless you’ve set up a second date. The only way to solidify meeting for a second time is to ace that first impression. You’ve got to think that the person you meet on a chat line has likely been on several first dates themselves. Displaying wonderful communication and conversation skills is ultimately what is going to land you that second chat line date and keep your phone date interested.

How do you stand out from the crowd? You’ve got to be interesting. Everyone’s been stuck on that chat line date where they find themselves paying for minutes of pure boredom because the person on the phone is a drag or a bore. You can save yourself from becoming a downer by knowing some interesting topics to discuss before the date even begins. Instead of talking about your job or what you did over the weekend, try these fun and interesting talking points instead!

A Funny Childhood Experience

It’s nice to bond with a chat line date about your childhood because it helps your match get to know the real you. Are there any funny childhood experiences that are relatable but downright hilarious? You can also easily move onto other conversation points once you begin talking about this topic. You are able to then describe what your family is like or where you grew up. Discussing your childhood is relatable, charming, and invites a lot of questions which is important for a healthy and deep conversation. Going for a funny story shows that you also have a sense of humor.

A Great Vacation Story

Everyone loves a good travel or vacation story. Being well-traveled or cultured is also a really attractive quality that others are often seeking in a partner. Talk to your chat line date about a wild adventure you had in Spain or discuss that once-in-a-lifetime occurrence you had in Morrocco. These are points that will make you seem interesting and mysterious while giving you a lot to talk about. Maybe your date has been to the same places as you. Or, perhaps your date is interested in learning more about those places.

The Most Fascinating Person You’ve Met

Who is the most fascinating person you’ve encountered in your life so far? You can bring up this topic by first asking your date the same question. Ask follow up questions to her response like, what did you admire about that person or what made them so interesting? You can then go into your stories about the time you met a celebrity on an elevator or bumped into a couple at a pub who really rocked your world. Interesting phone chats are driven by specific stories that have a lot of color and unique details. This is a topic that is intriguing and in no way generic.

A Wild Dream You Had

Dreams are one of the small spaces in adult life where real imagination can come into play. They are always fascinating and beyond fun to talk about. If you have had a wild dream in the past you can always pretend that it was a more recent thing. It always conjures up some philosophical talking points that lend themselves to ongoing chat that can last for hours and hours. Talking about dreams is always a safe and unique direction to take your phone date when things start to get a bit drab.

Your Strange Hobbies

What are some things that you are into that are completely unique to you? Do you go to a club or work on art that is different from what most of your friends do? Discuss the inner-workings of your life (like strange hobbies) to show that phone date that you are a unique and well-rounded person. What feels nerdy to you or even “strange” will actually paint you in a fun and mysterious light to your chat line date.

Amazing Art or Artists

Art – in any capacity – is a fantastic talking point. It doesn’t have to be a painter or someone who works in visual arts. Think music, culinary arts, collage artists, producers, directors, writers, and so on. Who do you absolutely geek out on? It’s wonderful when two chat line callers bond on the same unique subject. Bring up a stand up comedian you are into to see if your phone date shares your sense of humor, or a musician to see if he/she shares your taste in music. You might land on common ground!

Whenever you are in a conversation bind, the moment lags, or you’re feeling like the chat is a bore, you can lean on these more pointed conversation directions. You can also use them as ice-breakers or conversation-starters to grease up the phone chat experience. Always go with the more specific and unique types of conversation over the mundane. There is a lot of chat line competition out there and this is the easiest way to stand out!