How To Catch Your Lesbian Love Interest’s Attention…And Keep It!

Dating can be tons of fun! I mean, getting to know other human beings is a pretty amazing part of being alive, right? But just like anything else in life, that doesn’t mean that dating doesn’t have it’s ups and downs. Many times it can feel like there are far more negatives vs positives when it comes to dating. Finding “the one” doesn’t work like it does in all of those old Disney fairytales we grew up on. It doesn’t just magically happen; your beautiful queen is not going to just trip on a crack in the sidewalk while walking to a dress fitting for a party she is going to over the weekend and fall into your arms…..and then immediately fall in love with you at first glance. But that’s why living in 2021 is so amazing! There are more ways than ever to find your lesbian lobster, (you better know the FRIENDS reference, and if you don’t, look that shiz up,) and have Monica cook you up some chicken BREASTS for your wedding.


A lesbian chat line is the perfect way to meet your better half. Lesbians have it really rough out in the dating world – sure, there are a plethora of gay bars, but virtually no lesbian bars out there. So finding a lesbian chat line that you vibe with is definitely what we recommend. We trust that you can figure that part out on your own. But once you find a woman that piques your interest, how do you capture her attention AND keep it?


Treat It Like A Date

Just because you are on the phone and can be easily distracted and don’t have to make eye contact doesn’t mean that you should treat this any differently than an in-person date. Don’t put in any less effort than you would otherwise. Actually….you might even consider putting in a little bit MORE effort so that you can make sure that you stay on your lesbians love’s mind. A chat line is amazing, but also challenging because of the distance. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly.



Listen to her! Nothing is worse than someone talking over you, constantly cutting you off, not truly paying attention and just waiting for their turn to speak…..the list goes on and on. If you don’t feel like showing a genuine interest in her, actually getting to know her…then what you are you even?!



Make sure that there is a balance – you don’t want to take over every conversation, but you also don’t want her to have to lead the conversation each and every time; that can get exhausting. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the balance in your relationship and make sure you are both carrying the same amount of weight when it comes to effort and convos.


Effort Forever

Once you have her, your work is not over. Your lesbian relationship partner is going to need you to continue to put in effort. Nobody wants someone who puts in effort until they “have” you and then they suddenly become a completely different, uncaring partner. That’s a firm no in our books. You need to keep surprising her, planning (phone) dates, switching it up, keeping it fresh, showing her that you care, showing her that you think about her, showing her that you see her and accept her and know her. Effort forever.