How To Know If Your Chat Line Partner Wants A Second Phone Date

Now that you have finally gotten up the nerve to use a chat line and talk on the phone with a prospective date, you have seen the magic of the conversation and experienced the excitement that a chatline conversation can offer. But how do you know if the special girl or guy at the other end of the line is going to want another phone conversation with you? If you pay attention, there are a few clues that will help you to know if a second call is in the cards or not. 


They’re Paying Attention

If your chat line partner is on the line with you, and the conversation is flowing well, then this is a good indication that a second phone date will happen. If he or she is engaged, asks follow up questions when you talk about things, or is genuinely interested in what you have to say, then this is a good sign. If, on the other hand, the person you are talking to seems distracted, distracted, or is only interested in mumbling a few answers, this is a sign that a call is unlikely. 


There is Talk of the Future

Another good sign that there will be a follow-up conversation is if there is talk of the future. If the person you are talking to is referencing things they will do in the future, or hints that he or she would like you there to do them as well, then you can be fairly certain that a second call will happen. If a person wasn’t into you, there would be no reason to talk about the future, especially if they are acting like they want you in it. 


He or She Keeps Talking

Another surefire way to see if there might be a second phone date, is if the person you are talking to just keeps talking. There is often a short limit, especially for a first time call, to give both of you an out in case things are not working out. But if you find the person on the other end of the line keeps the conversation moving, and is reluctant to hang up, then this is a good sign. 


There is Laughter and Banter

One final way to tell if there is a chance for a second call is if there is a lot of back and forth chatter and flirting and laughter when you two are on the phone. There is a big difference between someone who is fully engaged in your conversation and someone who is literally “phoning it in.” You can easily tell by the energy and fun in someone’s voice if they are engaged in the conversation and the budding relationship.

Chat lines are great ways to get to know someone, and if you find the above signs, it will be a pretty sure bet that the person you are talking to will want to meet you on the chat line for a second call. And it is definitely worth it to note that if you want to have a second conversation with someone, you should act in these same ways to show your interest.