What’s A Chat Line Greeting?

If you are reading this article, it’s either because you genuinely don’t know what a chat line greeting is (if that’s the case – welcome to chat lines!), or you want to know if your current greeting that you use is good enough. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you.

Chat line greetings are how you introduce yourself on a chat line. It’s the first thing someone will hear from you and it will indicate to them whether or not they are interested in taking things a step further with you. Sounds pretty important, right? That’s because it is. It’s the first impression. A good greeting is like giving someone a firm handshake. It sets things in the right direction before they even begin.

There are various types of guys on chat lines and their greetings are all different. Actually, every phone date greeting is going to be unique in a way. But not all are interesting or even good at all. We are going to talk about the differences between a good and a bad chat line greeting. For the guys who aren’t new to the chat line greeting game, you are probably wondering right now if the greeting you always use fits into the bad greeting category.


Bad Chat Line Greetings

Well – what makes a chat line greeting bad? Think about what would make any greeting bad. If someone were to greet you on the phone or in person, what would turn you off? Bad phone date greetings are usually too short or too long. They can be too boring. They might not even serve your interests! Here’s an example of each:


“I’m Bob, let’s connect.” 

This greeting is way too short. How is the person who listens to it going to know if they want to talk to you when they barely even know what your voice sounds like? This is an example of a greeting that anyone would graze over without a second thought. There is nothing exciting about this one.


“My name is Bob, I work in finance and love to take my dog Sally on long walks. She loves to walk and walk and walk. I am trying to find someone who is sweet and generous. Does that sound like you? I also love someone who is fit and active. I work out about 3-5 times per week. I also love old movies.”

Here’s an example of a greeting that is way too long and provides too much unnecessary information. Nobody wants to know about your dog or how often you work out. It’s ok to say that you are fit, but skip the nitty-gritty details. They don’t actually matter in a greeting.


“My name is Bob, I am middle-aged and looking for someone special.” 

This greeting is too boring and doesn’t tell the listener anything interesting about you. The person who hears this has no reason to linger on you or get excited about talking to you because you didn’t add anything exciting to your phone greeting!


“Hey there, I am Bob. I am 45 and looking for someone who likes adventure and loves to be taken care of. I am really into fitness and excited to meet someone who feels the same. Can’t wait to meet you!

This one might confuse you. Why would this be a bad chat line greeting… it sounds pretty good. It is a nice greeting with personality, interesting details, and sounds approachable. There’s actually nothing wrong with the greeting itself. The error comes in the intention behind the greeting. We probably should have mentioned that Bob is not on a chat line looking for love. He’s on the line to meet someone who wants to have an erotic phone chat. His greeting, however, paints him out to be a guy who is looking for something more serious. With this greeting, he’s not going to attract the kind of girl he wants to meet and he’ll end up wasting his time and money on the lines. Your greeting should match your intentions and needs out of your chat line experience.


Good Chat Line Greetings

A good greeting is one that shows your personality, matches your intentions, and is interesting enough to make a lady want to know more about you. There’s no set greeting that you should use, but you should aim to hit all of these targets. Consider the line which you are calling in the first place. Are you calling a Latina line, a dating line, an erotic line? The phone experience you’ve chosen will somewhat indicate your intentions. You can also cater your greeting to the line you’ve called. Gay lines, for example, are going to use gay lingo (like “top” or “bottom.”). If you are going into phone dating blind, or aren’t sure what you are looking for, keep it neutral. Obviously, you want to give someone a name and maybe an interesting tidbit about you. Then, you might want to express what you are looking for in a lady. Try to say something that will make her smile.