4 Things You Should Never Say On A First Chat Line Date

Chat line dates can be exciting for a lot of people. You are meeting someone new. You may be talking to a person who you might actually fall in love with. The first date jitters are really common because there’s so much left to chance when on that initial date. Sparks are flying and conversation is flowing. This is a good thing. But people can get ahead of themselves on a first chat line date. Sometimes they say things that they wish they never said. It’s important to be present and live in the moment when on a first date, but you should also prepare yourself. It is all too easy to ruin a perfectly good date by saying the absolute wrong thing. Don’t let that be you.


You want to leave your date smiling and wishing that they could stay chatting with you all night long. You don’t want to turn them away with one off-color statement or scare them with a phrase. There is no script when you go on a chat line date and no clear way to determine what should be said. There are 4 things, though, that you should not be saying on a first chat line date. Avoid these phrases the next time you’re on the line.


1. “My ex – “

Don’t talk about your ex on a first date. There is no reason to bring up that person who you are no longer dating. When you bring up your past relationship, it tends to seem like you aren’t over that relationship which is a big red flag to the person on the other end of the chat line. Even if you are talking smack about all the things that went wrong with your old partner, you are going to com across like you aren’t over it. Never bring the ex to the new date with you. You can reserve that topic for when you and someone new are in a relationship with a strong foundation, sharing everything with one another. But it’s not first date material.


2. “Have you tried erotic chat?”

Did you call into a naughty line, or did you call into a dating line? If you dialed an erotic chat line then you aren’t on a date. It’s perfectly fine to call a chat line for naughty chat. What’s not alright is calling a dating line, looking for a relationship, and bringing up sex on that first date. Dating on a chat line is similar to dating in real life. You are going to make erotic chat the foundation of your relationship if you open that door too soon. Avoid that by keeping it in your pants – at least for the first phone call. If you go on a couple of dates and eventually want to heat things up, you can do it after you two know each other better.


3. “You have a funny voice!”

You dress up to impress your date in real life, but you only have your voice to work with on a chat line. Insulting your date’s voice is like insulting their appearance or outfit. It can embarrass your date, even if you don’t mean any harm. People don’t feel themselves or confident when something they can’t help is pointed out to them. Don’t put your date in a position to feel insecure around you. That isn’t how great connections are made and you will almost absolutely be shooting yourself in the foot by insulting your date’s voice. Witty banter is acceptable on a first phone date but serious jabs are not welcome.


4. “This is my biggest secret – “

It’s hard to not get carried away on a chat line date. You tend to feel like a teenager in an 80s romantic movie, twirling the phone chord as you flirt the hours away. Connections are made all the time and people are constantly finding themselves involved in intimate chats. This is all great. It’s what is special about chat lines. But be sure to avoid spilling your guts on the first date. It is not appropriate to tell someone all of your deepest secrets when on the very first phone date. Play your cards close to the vest so that your date feels like there’s a lot more to discover later on. Spilling everything can lead to scaring your date or making them disinterested.


These four phrases are really just topics you should avoid: Your ex, sex, making fun of your date, and telling all your secrets. Sidestep these inappropriate first date topics and you should be in the clear. Having a fun first date is easy on a chat line. You want to be sure that you don’t isolate or scare your date out of talking to you again. Lay the framework for a successful relationship with great chat material.