The Rules Of Phone Dating

If you are ready for the fun and frolicking of a chat line, it is time to think about how to do this right. After all, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! You might be nervous, you might be excited, you might be getting back to yourself after a bad breakup. Whatever the reason why you are interested in a chat line, the list below will help you with the most important do’s and don’ts. 


Use People’s Names

If you want to find connections on a chat line, then you need to be as personable as you can. To do this, it is a great idea to call people by name. People always like the attention, and calling people by name makes them feel very special. In addition to using people’s names, asking them about themselves is another way to draw closer to them. This can also stall out some of your worry about what to talk about. 


Be Yourself

Another must-do is to be yourself in phone dating. The relationships with people are so transient, so being yourself is not only great practice for the real world, but it is also the best way to be. People at the other end of the chat line will be drawn to your energy, and you will get some time to explore being the best version of yourself. 


Set Clear Expectations

When you are talking to someone on a phone date, set clear expectations. If you want to be available all day and all night, say so. If you would like a more casual, once-in-a-while conversation, make sure that you express that too. It is important to be transparent so that the person on the other end knows what they will get from you. 


Don’t Be Pushy

When it comes to chat lines, make sure not to be too pushy. In this case it is more “go with the flow,” than “my way or the highway.” Let the person on the other end of the chat line pick topics, talk times, etc. Don’t dominate the conversation. Ask a lot of questions. In this way, you can be seen as less pushy and more gentle.  


Don’t Be Predictable

People can tell when you are feeding them a line. Don’t have the same joke or opening line for everyone you meet on a chat line. Don’t follow a predictable pattern every time you chat with someone. Yes, it is important to be yourself. But it is also important to shake things up a bit as you go through your chats. This will draw more people to you so that you can enjoy a wide variety of people. 


Now is a great time to join a chat line and start meeting new people. There is so much fun to be had and so much to be gained. Just remember the do’s and don’ts of chat lines and you will be okay.