How To Have A Romantic Date Via Chat Line

It’s hard when you can’t plan a date and physically be there with one another; getting dressed up, experiencing the food together, making conversation as your eyes interlock, taking in the ambiance together…not to mention taking in one another! But, all hope is not lost. There is absolutely a way – many ways, actually – that you can make your chat line dating life romantic. Sure, a bit of extra effort is needed, and nothing will measure up to the real deal – especially since you cannot be courted/court someone…chivalry may seem a bit dead via chat line; there is no opening the door for one another, pulling out your lover’s seat or picking some wildflowers to show up to their door with. However, if you’re both committed to making it work via chat line for the time being, we are here to help you turn on the romance.


Dress Up! 

This may seem like an unnecessary step since you’re ultimately not going to be seen and neither is your home, but the point of this is to get you into that romantic date mindset, which will ultimately make you sound more interesting on the phone. Not only that, but you want to be able to describe in great detail exactly how you look so that your boo has a nice picture of you that they’re able to paint. It’s almost like you’re on the set of a movie; you have to get into costume to be able to fully embody the character. Make sure that when you are dressing the table and room that you two have already talked about where you are “eating out”. That way, the vibes of both of your dinners will match up with one another perfectly. This will actually make a huge difference on your date! Don’t forget to dim those lights and use your good silverware. Treat Yo’ Self!


Romantic Foods

Once again, before your long-awaited romantic evening with your S.O., discuss the type of food you are going to be eating. This way you two will be able to pretend you are eating at the same restaurant. Italian sounds good to us. Just don’t add too much garlic…you don’t want your breath smelling on your date.



This one can be a bit tricky, but it will do wonders for the ambiance and allow you to relax into your date without feeling the deafening silence of your apartment. Grab that old Marvin Gaye record or throw on some other sexy/romantic music and chat the night away. When you’re on the phone, when you are both ready to start, just count down from three and play your playlist at the exact same time! This way nobody has to turn that stereo up too loud, leaving no room for conversation, which is really the entire point of a sit-down date.



You are your lover should take a picture of yourselves before each and every romantic date. That way, when your relationship works out in the long run and you two finally get to meet face-to-face, you can make a romantic little scrapbook of all of your first dates. This will also prove that your person is willing to put in just as much effort as you are. How sweet!