Signs You Don’t Actually Like Your Chat Line Partner

Falling in love with someone new can be confusing. What comes with this new romantic phone connection is usually an onslaught of mixed feelings and emotions. Meeting someone on a chat line is unique in that you haven’t had the privilege of testing your feelings in person. But what if your confusion is just that… confusion? What if it’s not falling in love. Sorting out lust, love, and loneliness is a difficult task to take on on your own, especially if you don’t have people you can easily talk to about it. This article will help you figure out if you’re really falling in love, or if the person you’re talking to and flirting with on the line isn’t really the one for you. Once you have that answer, you will know whether or not you should continue investing your time in this person. 

Everything Feels “Done Before” 

When you are really falling in love, everything feels new and exciting. You are eager to talk about things you’ve talked about time and time again because you would do anything just to hear that person speak. Just hearing their voice is a novel and fresh experience. If you find yourself bored with the conversation and it gives you the sense that you’ve been around the block and are exhausted, that’s a sign that you aren’t actually in love with this person and that they probably aren’t your soulmate. 

You’re Not Nervous: 

Falling in love creates a surge of energy that can make us feel outside of our own bodies like we are floating. Between the nerves, energy, and butterflies, finding our footing is difficult in a good way. If you feel like you are talking to a family member, you might be bored of your partner. There’s a difference between feeling like you’ve met in another life or known them for a long time and feeling bored like you’re talking to an aunt you don’t particularly like. The former is an indicator of compatibility, while the latter is a sign of lackluster bland emotions that don’t render real connection. 

You Don’t Remember Things They Tell You: 

Do you ever find yourself listening to a story they’ve claimed to have told you before, but you don’t remember anything about it? Your mind is consciously letting these memories slip away because it knows that they aren’t that important to you. You aren’t really paying attention because you simply don’t care to. If you were really falling in love, every little detail they tell you would hold enough weight for you to at least attempt to remember or relate. 

They Annoy You: 

When little things that never bothered you before start to irk you, it’s your mind telling you that you don’t really like the person you are speaking to. Maybe their phone voice gives you a headache or the way they sign bothers you. These are little things they can’t help, and things you’d easily be able to look past if you were really falling in love with this person. When the little stuff makes you want to scream, that’s a clear sign that they aren’t the person for you.