Talk Kink Vs. Exotic Chat Line

Both Talk Kink and Exotic Chat Line are great for those singles, (or couples,) out there looking to get a little bit freaky on the phone with a stranger. But which one is better suited to fit your needs? Hopefully, we will ease the burden of having to choose between the two chat lines by outlining some of their similarities and differences. The end goal when calling these chat lines? To cum of course….and then go…and then cum again the next time the mood strikes you. 


What Is Talk Kink?

Talk kink is a phone sex line meets chat line, meaning Talk Kink is all about the sex, minus the paid operators, and add in a heaping spoonful of ready-to-go singles in your area. No matter your kink, you are sure to find someone that shares in said kink with you – the women who call in to Talk Kink tend to be frisky and feisty. 

Just record a steamy, straight-to-the-point greeting that will attract exactly what you are looking for. All there is left to do now is to listen to those sexy single’s greetings and decide who you want to hook up with, (via phone sex….or even in person if you so choose). 


What Makes Talk Kink Unique?

Women and men alike are ready to party when they call into Talk Kink. If you are looking for a good time and have a no-strings-attached mentality, then Talk Kink is definitely a chat line that we would recommend. We can’t stress just how horny and kinky these ladies truly are. If you are curious about the BDSM community, Talk kink could be a great place to explore that.


What Is Exotic Chat Line?

Exotic Chat Line lets you talk to singles that are in your area so that you have the option to meet up in person if the phone sex gets way too hot and you both have to grab each other’s flesh in order to satisfy all of your needs. And trust us when we say, the women who call in to Exotic Chat Line are all revved up and ready to go. They call into Exotic Chat Line with the explicit understanding that they are entering into an Exotic erotic zone. They expect you to please them. They always return the favor. 

As per usual, you set up your greeting and then begin listening to other people’s greetings. If you vibe with a woman’s voice, the words she uses, or the things she says she is looking for, make sure to like her profile. From there, you two are just a phone call away from getting wet and wild.


What Makes Exotic Chat Line Unique?

There is a place for any and every fetish on Exotic Chat Line. Get your fantasies all lined up and start crossing them off of your bucket list one by one. It doesn’t get much better than this – a space where you can feel free to let go and truly envelop yourself in wild sexual fantasies with a stranger who could become a fuckbuddy, (if you choose to go that route). 


What Are The Main Differences?

Talk Kink gives you a thirty-minute free trial, meanwhile, Exotic Chat Line gives you a mere five minutes to try out their service. Aside from this, they are marketed similarly and they are both sure to get you off. 


Which Do We Recommend? 

We recommend using your free trial on both Talk Kink and Exotic Chat Line. If you happen to meet someone during your free trial, then great! Problem solved. If not, take your time to search around. If need be, pay five bucks for that extra time so that you are sure to choose the right chat line for you.