Exotic Chat Line

What is Exotic Chat Line?

This confidential freaky chat line is one of the wildest we’ve ever come across. Exotic Chat Line delivers on its promise to get you off by inviting some of the sexiest women in your area to chat away with you. For whatever reason, this line is one of the raunchiest and hottest chat lines out there. Good naughty chat lines work well because of their users, and Exotic Chat Line attracts some of the hottest sex-crazed women we’ve ever talked to on the phone. 

How Does It work?

It all starts with your phone, of course. Use those sexy fingers of yours to dial that number and you’re on your way to wild dirty heaven. When you connect, you will quickly record a greeting for yourself. Don’t be shy. Again, this is one of the sexiest lines we’ve ever come across and all fantasies, kinks, fetishes, and more are accepted here. Got a thing for Milfs? Great. Love to suck toes? Then you’ll be introduced to the other callers on the line via their greetings. We are sure that even just the greetings are going to get you excited. Exotic Chat Line wants you to get freaky with their callers so that they can maintain their sexy reputation among chat line callers. 

What Makes Exotic Chat Line Unique?

It’s freaky energy. Exotic Chat Line is open to all kinds of wild sexual chat. And don’t worry because your conversations are 100% private and discretion is important to the people who run Exotic Chat Line. If you need a place to release your inner freak or sexual obsession, Exotic Chat will link you with a woman who is eager to fulfill all of your insane sex fantasies. Phone sex gets intense here, so make sure you’ve got some lubricant nearby. And don’t waste another minute doing it alone when there are tons of freaky girls at Exotic Chat Line who are dying to help you get off. 

What Kind Of Women Exotic Chat Line?

Exotic Chat Line is an interesting name for this line because it’s not necessarily designed for “exotic” women in the traditional sense. These ladies are local and live right near you. What is exotic is the way that their minds work. There’s something special about this chat line that rakes in all of the freaks in your area. The women who call in are a refreshing source of sexual prowess. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

These callers are extremely DTF. While you’ll probably reach orgasm simply by calling the line and having a naughty chat, you will also find someone who wants to give you all that pleasure themselves in person.

Is It Safe?

Exotic Chat Line wants you to feel comfortable sharing the most intimate parts of yourself to locals on the phone. They ensure confidentiality, discretion, and safety. No information is ever shared or even required to get started on this line. Everything here is 100% private. 


Got a taste for the exotic? That doesn’t have to mean that you have expensive taste at all. Exotic Chat Line is affordable. Here are the packages: $4.99 for 10 mins, $19.99 for 75 mins, $50 for 225 mins, etc.

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Erotic chat with sexy women
  • A young vibe
  • Discrete, safe, protected
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Hot ladies 24/7, what's not to love?