Talk Kink

What is Talk Kink?

Talk Kink is a phone sex line without any paid operators. That’s right, you will be connected directly to freaky strangers in your area for some explicit dirty talk that is sure to bring you to your knees. We don’t know how Talk Kink does it, but the wildest ladies seem to be attracted to this line. You will be entertained for hours when you call. You better prepare yourself for a masturbatory workout because you won’t be able to keep your hands off of yourself when these women get going. 

How Does It work?

There’s a good chance you’ve called an adult chat line at one time or another. We apologize in advance for boring you with the details of how this one works because it’s not that different from any of the others. You will of course grab a phone and dial the number. Then you can record a greeting. Make it sexy and hot so that other callers will be attracted to you. Then you can listen to other greetings made by people who can’t wait to release that sexual tension they’ve been storing.

What Makes Talk Kink Unique?

The kink factor is what really makes this adult chat line pop. With kink being right in the name of the line itself, there’s an atmosphere of total acceptance and raw raunchiness that is set forth on the line. It’s like being invited to a 70s orgy where there are so many horny partygoers all around you. You can only talk to one person at a time but that doesn’t stop it from feeling like naked speed dating, or speed sexing! Women love to let loose on here which is why it has become so legendary.

What Kind Of Women Call Talk Kink?

Callers of this line tend to be ladies with a secret. They can’t contain their excitement to share it with you and it’s always amazing to listen to. Confident and sexy is how we’d classify the great lot of them. If you want someone who isn’t afraid of dirty talk and who also isn’t scared to perform for you in person after the call, Talk Kink is the number you need to give a try! 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Younger girls are horny, but they are also flaky. Yes, you can get laid using this line because you are connected to locals. But just know that you’re dealing with a group of ladies who tend to jump from one thing to the next. 

Is It Safe?

Are you seriously still wondering about this? The answer is yes, times a thousand. We were surprised to learn that many of these women were serious about meeting up. Some of them want to get into it before they even begin having phone sex with you. “So you want to meet up tonight?” was something that we hear frequently on Talk Kink!


You will get to enjoy a 30-minute free trial when you call – very generous considering most trials last only ten minutes! If you want to enjoy their packages, you can do so by purchasing minutes. It starts at just $5, so what are you waiting for?

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Kinks and fetishes welcome
  • Real women
  • Affordable memberships
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Women are not professionals so it's not good if you want an operator