College Party Lines

What is College Party Lines?

Got a thing for college girls? Chat lines are getting popular in the coed community and College Party Lines is like a mecca for horny college girls in search of frisky conversations. What’s nice about College Party Lines is that it’s not shy about the fact that it’s full of college girls who are interested in men who are college-age or a bit older. It caters to students across the US.

How Does It work?

College Party Lines is a naughty phone chat dating platform where you can call and be connected to other college students in your area. If you want to call girls who go to other schools or live in other states, you are free to explore that as well. Dial the number and you’ll instantly find yourself on the path to sexy coed chat. From there you will be asked to record a greeting for yourself. This is a very lively and youthful line, so make sure that your greeting is also full of energy. 

What Makes College Party Lines Unique?

The idea behind the line is unique in itself. It’s a full line dedicated to helping people find gorgeous and flirty college women to talk to and hang out with. It’s pretty much a dream come true. There are also options that give you access to cities that are full of party schools. The girls who are more open-minded tend to go to these wild party colleges, making it a really fun feature on the line. There are free to VOIP, use cell phones and they offer webcam shows as well. 

What Kind Of Women College Party Lines?

Many college girls who are horny and love attention call this line. They are young, bubbly, and full of life so you better be able to keep up! 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Absolutely. While some of these college girls appear shy at first about meeting strangers in person, eventually many of them do because they ultimately want to get laid. 

Is It Safe?

This is a very safe line. Their free trial doesn’t require that you give any information about yourself at all, so it doesn’t hurt you in any way to test the line out for yourself. There is also a support team available to you and both safety and discretion is taken seriously on this chat line.


There is a 60-minute free trial that doesn’t require you to even put your credit card down to receive it. After you decide you love the line and can’t live without it, packages start at around $15 for 30 minutes. They go up to 1130 minutes for around $200. That’s plenty of time to meet tons of sexy college girls and not a bad price!

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • College girls, hell yes
  • Bubbly personalities
  • Discreet + safe
  • You'll love it
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Who doesn't love college girls?