Howl Line

What is Howl Line?

Owooooooooo! Ok, that was supposed to be a howl. What are we howling about? Howl Line of course. It’s a hybrid line that is equal parts party and singles. The goal of this chat line is to set up lone wolves with each other so that they can heat up the night. Sound fun? Yeah, it is. It’s a line that is fully of sexy singles ready to chat and howl. Catch the drift?

How Does It work?

You howl into the night and wait for a mating call! Just kidding. Howl Line works like other chat lines. You take those werewolf paws and use them to dial the Howl Line phone number. From there, you’ll record a greeting. Word of advice? Don’t howl in your greeting, no matter how tempting it might be. Then, you’ll be introduced to vixens in your area who are lonely and want to have some fun with a bachelor. 

What Makes Howl Line Unique?

If you’ve wolfed down a lot of chat line experiences, this one will feel very familiar. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s a dating line with vibrant sexy undertones. Hybrid party lines are the best for those who aren’t sure exactly what type of connection they want to settle on. How Line provides tons of different women, diverse options, and cool connections for you to explore. 

What Kind Of Women Call Howl Line?

All sorts of women call Howl Line. They are primarily young and the line is sometimes mistaken for a Black chat line, attracting a lot of Black women. However, this line is for everyone looking for pretty much any type of connection. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

If you find the right lady wolf, you can get down to doggy pretty quickly. Some ladies seek a bit of conversational massaging before they get into the naughty stuff. It has to do with the type of lady on the other end of that telephone. 

Is It Safe?

You are protected when you use Howl Line. Confidential, safe, and allows for a free trial (where no personal information is required). While you are encouraged to chat and howl on Howl Line, you are warned to keep private and personal information to yourself. This goes for all chat lines. 


Howl Line is very reasonable. Not only can you take advantage of a trial period, but the prices are also not too bad. If you’re a splurger, you can pay $200 for almost 19 hours. That’s a big commitment, we get it. An easier pill to swallow, or wolf down, are their smaller package options.

$4.99 – 10 minutes
$9.99 – 25 minutes
$19.99 – 75 minutes
$29.99 – 125 minutes
$50.00 – 225 minutes

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Lone wolves don’t have to be so lonely
  • Line heats up quickly
  • Safe and reputable
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Some outdated features
  • Better at night than during the day