Gay Males Line

What is Gay Males Line?

If you were to visit the Gay Males Line website, you’d see that it’s a chat line that encourages “hot and live homosexual conversation.” And that’s what we’re here for gentleman! Not only will you get to connect with steamy gay men 24/7, but it also offers other fun features and works as a seductive party line where you will be introduced to men who want to have naughty phone chat conversations with you! The men are real, live, genuine, and down to have a good time. 

How Does It work?

Gay Males Line is a huge chat line in the US for gay men. They focus on being the hottest gay chat line available in the United States, which means that this is more of an erotic party chat line than it is a place where you will find a soulmate or romantic interest. That’s not to say it can’t happen though! You will call into this chat line and immediately be offered a 30-minute free trial, which is always fun. Next, you’ll record your phone chat greeting and be on your merry way to meeting gorgeous gays in your area. Bi-curious are welcome to call, along with the bilingual folks! Yes, you can choose your language when you dial into Gay Males Line. 

What Makes Gay Males Line Unique?

Gay Males Line is a hot party line for gay men with a ton of fun features. For example, you can create a hotlist on Gay Males Line and get an SMS notification anytime your favorite man is available to chat. You can also partake in The Breakfast Club. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with detention, but it does have a lot to do with being naughty. Every morning from 6am-7am, you will be able to have a totally free gay phone chat. Whether you’re watching the sunrise from pulling an all-nighter, or enjoying a cup of Joe while you tease a John, you get to enjoy that hour for free. 

What Kind Of Men Gay Males Line?

Men who like it hot. They want to get right to the action, skip the small talk, and get flirting. Nobody has any time to waste. On chat lines for heterosexual people, women usually talk for free. But that’s not the case here on Gay Males Line. There’s a free trial, then it’s on everyone’s dime. While affordable, it makes it important to use that time wisely! 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Abosofreakinglutely. Yes. The men on Gay Males Line are very horny and usually can’t wait to meet up with you. Let them know if you’re a top, bottom, or switch so that you can determine that sexual compatibility before meeting up with a hot new stranger in person for a sexcapade. 

Is It Safe?

Everything you do on the phone is absolutely safe and discreet. Don’t share any important personal information and always meet in a public setting before going into someone’s home when it’s time to meet in person. The line is never recorded and the billing is also discreet. 


Your next gay love story is priceless, isn’t it? Who cares what the cost is! No, we know it’s important. But don’t fret, this is very affordable. Packages can range from you spending $4.99 on 10 minutes to $11 per hour. By more time to get a better value!

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Erotic gay chat
  • The men are awesome
  • Discrete as can be
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • More for phone sex than romance!