Hollar Line

What is Hollar Line?

Hollar line is a black chat line that you can use to ‘hollar’ at some of those fun local cuties you’ve been dreaming about. Black women are unique, sexy, and fun. And that doesn’t exclude the amazing women who call Hollar line. If you want to meet like-minded women who share your ideas, morals, and hotness, call Hollar line. Women are never charged and men get a 60-minute free trial!

How Does It work?

Hollar Line works as a majority of other phone dating platforms do. Take out that handy phone of yours and punch in that Hollar phone number. You’ll be met with an excitable voice who will lead you through the process straight towards that generous free trial. Set up your special greeting, which will let the ladies know what you are all about, and prepare for the flood of women that are going to come your way. Who you choose to chat with is completely in your control. 

What Makes Hollar Line Unique?

This is a black singles line that attracts a lot of fun, down-to-earth, cute girls who are excited to chat with new hunky single men. You won’t be disappointed when you dial this line, which is why it offers men such a long trial. The women who call Hollar line are really what make it stand out among the other black singles lines out there. 

What Kind Of Women Call Hollar Line?

Wondering what kind of women call Hollar Line? They are definitely the pussy cats you want to ‘hollar’ at. She’s a long-legged, Black, beautiful cutie with a personality for days. Men can’t get enough of the sexy black women that flock to Hollar Line. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Yep. Hollar Line is about hollering at each other for hooking up. It’s got the flavor of a party line with the same promise of a singles line. That means it can get sexy if you want it to, but has the potential to create lasting relationships. 

Is It Safe?

Hollar Line is very safe. Holla! It’s run by a massive phone dating company that is extremely reputable and keeps the safety of every caller in mind. It’s anonymous and doesn’t require you to share information. Nor does it surprise you with any crazy charges. 


Hollar for only a small amt of dollars! Ladies are always free and the package for men is as follows (after a trial period, of course!):
$4.99 – 10 minutes
$9.99 – 25 minutes
$19.99 – 75 minutes
$29.99 – 125 minutes
$50.00 – 225 minutes

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Beautiful Black singles
  • Naughty Chat & Romance
  • Safe
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Lots of competition
  • These ladies love to tease