What Is Megamates?

MegaMates is a phone chat line number exclusively aimed at connecting women with other women who love women…or at least that’s what you would think at first glance. They pride themselves on the diversity of women they have as clients and want to make it a fun and relaxing experience for you. MegaMates is available throughout the United States and you can choose whether you want to chat with local women or expand your search and go for that long-distance romance with someone who is your perfect match. If you scroll down to the bottom of their webpage, you will see that they cater to more than just lesbians; you can choose to focus on gay connections or straight connections as well. They separate these categories in order to allow you to peruse through the database with more ease and focus on exactly what type of person you want to be with. It will be nice to actually hear someone’s voice and pick up on their quirky personality traits rather than just swiping right and left based on a picture and a poorly written bio. MegaMates makes it fun to try something new.

How Does It Work?

MegaMates makes it really easy to find your Mate, whether that be for a fun flirt session or something a little more long-lasting. As soon as you create your profile for them you can start receiving messages from other people who want to talk to you. You can also get in touch with people who aren’t using the chat line at that exact moment by leaving a message for them so long as they have their direct connect on, (which most people do). Just send them a chat request and wait for them to hear it. Once they hear it and are interested in connecting with you, they (or you) can initiate a one-on-one, live conversation with them, which is where the real fun begins! If you want to go the extra mile for someone who really piques your interest, all you have to do is send them a pre-paid priority message. This way they will be sure to hear it and respond to you. Think of this as the chat line version of a superlike!  

What Makes Megamates Unique?

Something that really stands out about MegaMates is the fact that they have a ton of free features. You can create a profile, record a personal ad, listen to other’s ads, set up a main mailbox, browse users in the chat rooms, (that’s right! They even have chat rooms which can be loads and fun and a great departure from that one-on-one chat you have been so nervous to have,) accept live chat invitations, send messages, receive message alerts, accept or decline said message and accept direct connection calls. Something really great? Let’s say you have a very busy schedule; MegaMates gives you the option of selecting the times that you are available for a call – they work around your schedule. That’s a lot of free for one chat line and we sure are excited about it! Lastly, they don’t leave you to listen to hundreds of messages leaving you on your own to find the one. They have a computerized matching system that allows you to match up with people who are looking for the same things as you are or that you have common interests with.

What Kind Of Women Call Megamates?

All different types of women call MegaMates, from the girl next door to the tattooed hottie that you see come into your work all of the time. There is a diverse group of women on MegaMates, all looking for different types of connections. They ensure their database is filled to the brim with dazzling personalities and someone from everyone.

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

You can get laid using it since you can chat with locals-only if that is more your speed. This way you always leave the possibility open to meeting in person once a little bit of trust has been established and a whole lot of wanting.

Is It Safe?

MegaMates is safe, secure, anonymous and will never give out your private information. You don’t have to worry about someone catching you using this service unless you choose to tell them about it.


If you decide to splurge for the unlimited use package, you will receive bonuses for signing up online so we highly suggest that you go this route. Then you have to complete four simple steps in order to secure that package and get going. You create your MegaMates mailbox so that you can receive and send out messages, select your package, create your MegaMates web account and then use their secure checkout either with a credit card, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover,) or your Paypal Account. If you only want to purchase pre-paid priority messages you will be paying per message. They have two different prices available: $11.00 for 10 pre-paid priority messages or $18.00 for 20 pre-paid priority messages. If you opt for the MegaMates package, you will have four different options to choose from: $19.99 for one-week unlimited message retrieval and three pre-paid priority messages, $23.99 for one-week unlimited message retrieval, one-week unlimited live chat and direct connect and 3 pre-paid priority messages, $39.99 for one-month unlimited message retrieval and 6 pre-paid priority messages, $49.99 for one-month unlimited message retrieval, 1-month unlimited lice chat and direct connect and 6 pre-paid priority messages. It is nice to see a chat line that doesn’t count you down by the minute!

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Helpful features such as keypad shortcuts
  • All of the information prominently displayed on their website
  • Diverse group of women
  • Different call lines for lesbians, gay men and straight individuals
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Lots of competition
  • Amount of information can be overwhelming at first