Black Phone Chat

What is Black Phone Chat?

Whatever happens on Black Phone Chat stays on Black Phone Chat. This is the sexy black chat line that boasts hundreds of thousands of users, with more joining on a daily basis. It dubbs itself as a place to meet a Black young single person to meet up with at a party, go to a club with, or get down with. What’s not to love? This line is great for meeting people with similar interests to you, making a great connection, finding romance, or finding flirtation. With that many callers, it’s really up to you as to what kind of connection you want to make when you call into the line.

How Does It work?

Have you used a chat line before? If the answer is yes, then this is going to be very easy for you. Black Phone Chat works like tons of other lines. You will dial into the number and be lead through a short process: Once you accept the generous free trial offer, you’ll be prompted to create a greeting. Your greeting should reflect what you are hoping to find when calling the line. Then, you will be set up with sexy matches for private phone dates. 

What Makes Black Phone Chat Unique?

Many Black chat lines tend to be a little outdated. But not Black Phone Chat. This line attracts youthful newcomers all the time, keeping the line hip and fun for urban singles. It’s geared towards city people and members of the Black community, but it’s open for other types of callers as well. The website itself isn’t much to stare at, but that doesn’t matter because the line itself is awesome for making real and hot connections with singles who might want to party with you later on.

What Kind Of Women Call Black Phone Chat?

It’s almost always going to be a Black woman you are speaking with when you call into Black Phone Chat. She’s also probably young, down, and loves to have a chill good time. The callers on this line are generally younger and want to see what’s poppin’ locally. They enjoy being part of a scene. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Yes you most definitely can. You will likely meet a gorgeous Black girl who wants to party with you. Most interactions start with a chill hangout at first, or an invitation to a meetup or party. As the night goes on, the connection will drive you two into the same bed no doubt. 

Is It Safe?

Black Phone Chat is a totally safe line that caters to the Black community. It’s discreet, takes privacy seriously, and ensures safety for all callers. Make sure that you meet in a public setting when you decide to do in-person dates, and don’t share private information on the phone date. 


What’s a mere $15 if it means you can have a sexy chat with a beautiful woman? That’s where the Black Phone Chat packages start: $4.99 for 10 mins, $9.99 for 25 mins, $29.99 for 125 mins, and $50 for 225 mins.

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Simple navigation
  • Genuine connections
  • Discreet and safe
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Tons of users, which means you're competing with a lot of men