Woman Radio

What Is Woman Radio?

Woman Radio is a lesbian phone chat line that has been up and running since 1986. The fact that they’re still alive and well really says something about the stellar services that they provide. They have three different chatlines that are all LGBT friendly and they are always striving to improve themselves and add more features. They have an African American chat line coming soon, as well as a Latino one. 

How Does It Work?

Woman Radio is very simple to use, no matter how old or young, (18+ please,) you happen to be. Once you decide to take the plunge, all you have to do is call the number that is provided to you at the top of their webpage. Just in case you don’t want to go searching for that, here you go: (712) 432-5700. Once you call this number, you are going to be prompted to record a brief message about yourself. Remember, you can feel free to be as uncensored as you want, which can be a much-needed departure from your daily life. Nobody knows you here; you can say whatever you want about your fantasies, wants and needs. If you want some casual sex, say so! If you want to take it a little bit slower until you feel comfortable, don’t hesitate to make this clear in your message. And as always, make sure not to hide your personality from the world that is known as Woman Radio. People are going to be drawn to something they feel is being genuine and knows who they are and what they want. Once you are happy with your message, other callers will immediately be able to hear it. From there, you can send messages back and forth to someone who you find interesting. If you feel comfortable enough, you can even connect live on a one-on-one secure phone call.

What Makes Woman Radio Unique?

Not only is Woman Radio a chat line, but they have lesbian personals which is something we rarely come across. And yes, they are free! There is also a lesbian confessional. This is a place where women call in and “confess their secret sins.” This is such a fun addition to a chat line and could also really help you if you’ve been itching to get something a little bit naughty off of your back.

What Kind Of Women Call Woman Radio?

Women who love other women call into woman radio. It’s that simple. If you are a woman who happens to love other women, there is no reason not to call in!

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

We aren’t sure this is the right chat line if you are looking to get laid in person, but as we all know, there is more than one way to get laid. If you want to get laid virtually then hell yea, this is most definitely the chat line that you should be trying out.

Is It Safe?

You can be sure that you will stay anonymous if you choose to let out your inner wild child by using Woman Radio for all of your phone sex needs. You don’t need to worry about hidden fees or hidden agendas when it comes to this chat line.


The pricing for this service is a whopping zero dollars. That’s right! Woman Radio is committed to giving you that fun time you so desperately need, that human connection that you have been craving, but without all of the fees.

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • No hidden fees
  • Not shy about making it about phone sex
  • For lesbians only
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Website looks ancient 
  • Virtually no information on their website