Talk 121

What Is Talk 121?

Talk121 is the perfect chat line to begin your phone chat adventure. Whether you are looking for a romantic relationship or a one-and-done, Talk121 has it all. There are thousands of men and women that call in every single day so you are bound to find someone who you feel is worth talking to. 

How Does It Work?

Call into the number listed on their home page. Your free trial will begin – the number of minutes given to you varies. From there, you can record your greeting, making sure to let that wonderful personality shine through, and listen to other people’s greetings. It is important you keep your greeting straightforward and simple; let those women know that you know exactly who you are and what you want. You will most likely be purchasing a membership so don’t mince words. You are paying for this and there IS someone out there that is perfect for all of your wants and needs; make sure your greeting accurately reflects that. Once you have followed the steps outlined to you after calling their number, it is time to have fun. Don’t settle, trust us. There are more than enough women calling in for you to be able to find that perfect someone.

What Makes Talk 121 Unique?

Not only do they have a number where men can chat for free 24/7, but they also have a party chat line. With this party chat line, you have the ability to talk to multiple sexy singles and couples at once. Think of it as a naughty little chat room, but instead of typing you get to hear their voices, making it a way sexier experience. You get to listen to their breath, their excitement….and so do they. Don’t forget to check out their blog where you can get free advice and hear about other people’s experiences. Lastly, if you become a member and you refer other individuals, you can actually make money! All of the info on exactly how this works is on their “About” page.

What Kind Of Women Call Talk 121?

All different types of women call Talk121! That is what makes it so exciting; whether you are looking for a quickie, a longie, an actual relationship, or a couple to talk to, Talk121 has it all. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

You can definitely get laid using Talk121. Just remember to look at their local chat line numbers so that you don’t end up connecting with someone across the country. No need to go through the trouble of travel and the emptying of your wallet to buy a last minute plane ticket if you can hook up with someone that is situated within your area code.

Is It Safe?

Talk121 is very safe. They have measures in place in order to protect your identity. They will never give out your credit card information or any other personal information for that matter. People tend to trust Talk121.


For women, as always, it is always free. For men, it costs as little as $4.99 to get started after your free trial. Keep your credit card handy after calling in for your free trial. You can securely enter your information and chat away. Don’t forget that even though you are paying for a membership, you can make some of that money back by referring people. Better yet, if they actually sign up, you make even more money! Don’t forget to check out the free chat line number for men but keep in mind that most women aren’t going to pay for a membership if they don’t need to, so your options will be limited.

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • One-on-one chat
  • Party chat line
  • Free blog
  • Thousands call in every day
  • Something for everybody
  • Easy to navigate
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Long-distance charges may apply
  • You could end up spending way too much time on Talk121