Español Chat

What is Español Chat?

Español Chat is a Latin line that is pretty much exclusively available for Spanish speakers. It’s an exceptional phone dating service that allows Spanish-speaking men and women to connect with each other on a romantic or intimate level. Don’t bother calling this line if you aren’t Latino, Hispanic, Mexican, or fluent in Spanish. You need to speak the language to get the most out of this amazing Latin phone chat line. 

How Does It work?

Take everything you already know about chat lines and translate that into the Spanish language. That’s what you get when you call this Latin line. It works the way tons of other chat lines do. Call and get connected with the system that will lead you through the process. You will first make a chat line greeting, which is your way of saying Hola to the rest of the people on Español Chat. 

What Makes Español Chat Unique?

This phone chat is exclusively for Spanish speakers. This is pretty unique in the chat line world. Most lines have a Spanish option but are primarily English (even Latin phone lines). So for Español Chat to be intensely Latin-focused is really refreshing for Spanish-speaking chat line callers. It also ensures that the women you connect with is actually Latina. 

What Kind Of Women Español Chat?

Hot Latina or Spanish-speaking women who want to add a little fun to their flirtation. It’s a very seductive line with women who are into exploring their kinky side. But it’s also meant for solid connections and dating potential. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Of course, that is what this line is all about! Find someone who speaks Spanish, just like you, and wants to dirty talk in your native tongue on the line and between the sheets.

Is It Safe?

Español Chat is absolutely safe. It’s a line where you will feel secure and protected. Feel free to be completely anonymous if you wish. 


24/7 Chat is available to you for free if you take advantage of those thirty free minutes. After that, you will pay $15 for a half of an hour. Spend more time on the phone to pay less. There are lengthy packages that have you spending only $11 per hour. Quite a steal!

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Just for Spanish speakers
  • Wonderful women
  • Very safe
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • No bueno if you don't speak the language