Girls Party Line

What is Girls Party Line?

Girls Party Line is a sexy chat line that is for singles who have a desire to get freaky. At its core, it’s a party line or erotic chat line that promises tons of horny local women whose voices will be delivered to you the moment you dial in. It markets itself as one of the most fun chat lines available, boasting plenty of young women and never uses any operators. Tons of relationship types are available on this adult dating line. You could find a young hottie to go to dinner with, or someone who wants to mix it up with a king on a king-sized mattress! 

How Does It work?

It’s a party line and follows the system that most sexy chat lines follow. Once you call the Girls Party Line number, you will be enthusiastically greeted by a bubbly voice that will direct you towards your eventual matches and connections. Girls Party Line connects people who live close to each other because the ultimate goal is to set up real-life meetings. 

What Makes Girls Party Line Unique?

Girls Party Line is a unique chat line because it’s initially directed towards women. Men are obviously encouraged to call, but the fact that a party line is speaking to women rather then men makes it easier for girls to get their freak on when they dial the number. 

What Kind Of Women Girls Party Line?

Horny college girls, freaks, kinksters, and generally hot women. The sexual undertones on Girls Party Line are strong. In fact, they aren’t even undertones. It’s explicitly a line for horny people. 

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Yes. Girls Party Line was created for people who are interested in taking things to a physical level, beyond just the chat. 

Is It Safe?

Girls Party Line encourages anonymity before you actually meet up with someone. It’s a very secure line that also has top-notch security, never shares your information, and has a team of people available to help you should you have questions or concerns. 


$4.99 – 10 minutes
$9.99 – 25 minutes
$19.99 – 75 minutes
$29.99 – 125 minutes
$50.00 – 225 minutes

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Hybrid party and singles line
  • The girls party
  • Safe
  • A great time
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Be upfront if you want to meet IRL