What Is LiveMatch?

LiveMatch is a phone chat line and chat room platform where you can meet other real singles anonymously and discreetly. You can enter the LiveLounge where you will be able to hear the other member’s greetings in order to match with those who entice you, you can enter the Chat Rooms which are a really fun place to talk to multiple people at once, (there are different chat rooms you can go between until you find a group you genuinely enjoy talking to,) there are Member Forums and even a live call option which allows others to leave you messages when you are not online. You can always just call them back when you sign on if they left you a cute, sweet or sexy message.

How Does It Work?

When you call in you will be prompted to record your name, (or pseudonym if that makes you feel more at ease,) and a short greeting so that you have an introduction for the other member’s to listen to. Then you get to actually start listening to other greetings and send messages to those individuals who seem interesting to talk to or who are looking for the same kind of company that you are. You can also respond to messages other people leave for you once they hear your fantastic greeting. If you both choose to engage in a one-on-one live conversation, feel free to go at it. Don’t forget to peruse the chat rooms and the very fun and helpful member forums that are available to you for free! If you decide to upgrade from this basic membership to a VIP membership you will have access to all of the VIP Features: Operates 24/7, Create your own chat rooms, Unlimited time in said chat rooms, Get links to the people in the chat rooms so that if you feel a connection with one person… you can take the conversation to a more personal one-on-one level, Create your own public forum, Unlimited mailbox, Ability to receive calls while offline, Ability to call members that are offline….and MORE!

What Makes LiveMatch Unique?

LiveMatch is unique because of the sheer number of resources available to you. The fact that you can be having fun in a chat room and can also single someone out and talk to them outside of the chat room is one of our favorite features. We don’t really see chat rooms through chat lines that allow their members to do this. Your options on how to meet others just got exponentially larger. They even have a dating advice forum which can definitely come in handy if you are shy, new to chat line dating or feel like you are in a bit of a rut. They also happen to charge by the days/weeks instead of by the minute, which we love. It tends to make it a lot easier on that wallet of yours.

What Kind Of Women Call LiveMatch?

There isn’t one type of woman that calls LiveMatch. Everybody is looking for something different, and we should celebrate that fact. That means that you are bound to find someone looking for the exact same things you are, whether that be an intelligent conversation, a venting session, a romantic connection, a sexual connection and everything in between.

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

If you are looking to meet up in person to get laid, we suggest using the local chat line. That way you are more prone to finding someone in your area that is willing to meet up. Getting laid is a definite possibility while using LiveMatch.

Is It Safe?

LiveMatch is anonymous and uses “a state of the art blocking system” that is sure to provide you with a fun, safe experience sans the worrying about anybody knowing you are using their chat line to fulfill your needs.


The prices for LiveMatch are more than fair: $9.00 for two days, $15.00 for one week, $25.00 for two weeks, $45.00 for four weeks, or $80.00 for eight weeks. Don’t forget to call in from 8-9PM nightly. This is a FREE hour you are awarded with every single day!

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Website is chock-full of all of the important information
  • Great prices
  • Tons of members wanting to talk 24/7
  • Chat rooms for those late-night blues
  • Free hour every night from 8-9PM
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • If ladies want a VIP Membership, they have to pay for it
  • Disregard the pictures on the website