What Is MetroVibe?

Metrovibe is a chat line for sexy, urban singles to come experience other sexy, urban singles all across the United States as well as Canada. You can either join the chat room or call in to connect with your soon-to-be special friends. This is a place to find like-minded, fun singles that you truly enjoy talking to. Everyone is an individual and they aren’t afraid of showing their true colors on this chatline.

How Does It Work?

MetroVibe is set up so that anybody can use it, even the most technologically challenged of us all. All you do is call into the number located on their home page, record your greeting letting other’s know what you are looking for and then you get to listen to other single’s messages. Once you hear one you like, you connect with them. It is as simple as that.  Of course, after your free 30-minute trial you will have to purchase a minutes package. The prices of each package will be outlined below.

What Makes MetroVibe Unique?

MetroVibe is all about unique – they want you to be your vibrant self in order to find that perfect someone to chat with. Just like their website, their client base is bursting with unique personalities that would be able to draw anybody in. It will be a challenge not to dish out that hard-earned cash in order to continue to talk to these sexy, colorful women.

What Kind Of Women Call MetroVibe?

Confident women call MetroVibe. Unique women call MetroVibe. Sexy women call MetroVibe. Women who are looking for a romantic relationship call MetroVibe and women looking for a one-nighter call as well. There is a great, varied selection of women who call into MetroVibe daily. There will never be a dull moment once you decide to call in.

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Yes, you can ACTUALLY get laid using it. Go to the top right of their website, click on “City List” and make sure to dial the correct number. That way if you match up with someone who really piques your interest, you can take a short drive to go meet up with them. Just make sure that you stay safe. Always try to meet up in public prior to going home and getting your bow chicka wow wow on.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. Metrovibe prides itself on being safe and discreet. There is no need to worry unless you, in a moment of pure excitement, accidentally tell your sexy someone a tad bit too much about your personal life. Your safety is completely reliant on how much you choose to share. This chatline does their part in order to protect your anonymity. 


As always, women chat for free. Once you are done with your free trial, go onto MetroVibe’s website, go to the upper right corner and select their “Buy Minutes” option. You select your city, input your credit card information and choose your minutes package, of which you have three options; 1) 20 minutes for $9.99, 2) 150 minutes for $49.00, ($24.50 for first-time customers,) or 3) 380 minutes for $99.00, ($49.50 for first-time customers). 

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Affordable
  • Singles want to meet up
  • Fun vibe and people
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Easy to get lost spending tons of time here
  • Primarily for black singles