Grapevine Personals

What Is Grapevine Personals?

Grapevine Personals is a Canadian chat line that’s all about getting personal and turning a stranger into a friend…or maybe a little more than a friend depending on what you are looking for. Get ready to flirt, get a little romantic, or a little bit down and dirty. The conversation is all up to you and that special someone you end up connecting with. They have been up and running since 1998 and has thousands of members within their database.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is input your area code to find the Grapevine phone number that you will be using in order to connect you with other people within their database. Once you call the system you will get a mailbox and a passcode that is for your eyes only! You can start sending and receiving messages right off the bat! Don’t forget to record your voice greeting introducing yourself so that others can find you and request a chat date with you. If you are too nervous to start a conversation, Grapevine Personals has a great tool called FLIRTing. These are pre-recorded by Grapevine in order to break the ice and ensure the person on the other end of the line knows that you are interested in making a connection. This is just one of the many amazing available features you will have at your disposal.

What Makes Grapevine Personals Unique?

Grapevine Personals has a new ad category so that you can connect with like-minded individuals without sifting through all of the BS. For example; if you are single but don’t have time to go out and date, they have a category for that. If you are recently divorced but feel ready to take that next step and start talking to other recent divorcees, they also have a category for that. The list goes on and on, but you get the gist. Not only that, but they will send you text alerts with any new information pertaining to your profile. If that wasn’t enough, they have a cheat notes section so that you can keep in mind who you feel you had a connection with and why! 

What Kind Of Women Call Grapevine Personals?

Women of all different shapes, sizes, ages and nationalities call into Grapevine Personals. They are all about making long-lasting connections, having a casual chat, getting a little flirty and even meeting up in person if they find the right one. Don’t be fooled; women on this line can get jiggy with it.

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Sure you can! Since you have to input your area code, you are bound to match up with those who are close by. If you are feeling like you want to take the plunge and meet face-to-face, don’t be shy! Let it be known. What’s the worst that can happen? Remember, this is an anonymous and safe platform to use so you might as well use it to your advantage and get used to putting yourself out there.

Is It Safe?

In short, yes. They ensure all of your private information including your name, phone number, address and payment methods are all under lock and key so stop worrying!


Firstly, women always call for free and men get a free trial to ensure they like Grapevine prior to pulling out their wallet. Unlike most other chat lines, Grapevine Personals doesn’t have an option to only buy 10 or 20 minutes. We are guessing this is because people love it so much that they keep coming back for more! The first thing you have to do is input your phone number so that they know where you are calling from within the United States or Canada. Then, there are two different options you can choose from: $33.00 for 150 minutes or $126.00 for 900 minutes ($63.00 for first-time customers). The prices are pretty low in comparison to most other chat lines that we have come across and you can pay with a credit card or PayPal, depending on which you feel most comfortable using.

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Informative website
  • So many fun features
  • Thousands of men and women to choose from
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • You have to buy at least $33.00 worth of time
  • Might take customer service a little while to pick up