Kink Connections

What Is Kink Connections?

Kink Connections is an adult erotic line. Instead of calling and being connected with a phone sex professional, you will be introduced to locals who are calling to make a kinky connection. This is a great number to call if you’ve been suppressing some of your fetishes and fantasies because the caller base over here is accepting and just as sexual as you are. Nobody at Kink Connections is shy and you won’t feel shy either. You also have the unique opportunity to meet the person you are talking to in person, which classic phone sex lines rarely offer.

How Does It Work?

After you call the Kink Connections number you will be able to listen to the hot greetings from ladies in your area who just want to talk about their fantasies with you. Record a greeting to lure in those sexy strangers or leave a message for a lady who piques your interest. The process couldn’t be more simple making this line ideal for people who don’t have the time or patience to wait through a series of prompts. The callers on Kink Connections are horny and want to be satisfied quickly, and the line knows that. Be yourself when you meet a kink friend. There’s nothing to hide on this deliciously hot erotic phone chat line.

What Makes Kink Connections Unique?

There are regularly many active callers on Kink Connections. That’s because kinks feel like delicious secrets, like a sex dessert. And dessert is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Nobody wants to keep that inside and so they find their way to Kink Connections and let out a sigh of relief, finally finding a place where they can truly be the naughtiest and most open version of themselves. Ok – that sounds really culty. But Kink Connections does sort of have a cult following for its unique environment that is equally naughty and entertaining.

What Kind Of Women Call Kink Connections?

The girls on Kink Connections sound like they’ve been holding their sexual fantasies in for years and are finally free from the restraints of society. They are wild, fun, and seem to have a knack for making men rock hard. We can say with confidence that these women deliver incredible sexual conversation and they will not disappoint.

Can I Actually Get Laid Using It?

Um – that would be a YES. Kink Connections is great at linking people who have the same fetishes, sometimes setting up fuckbuddies who meet for hookups time and time again. This erotic chat line is good at turning the dirty words into dirty actions performed by sexy women. What more could you want from an adult dating line?

Is It Safe?

You can safely enjoy Kink Connections without a shred of worry. It’s run by a very secure and professional company that is as reliable as it is hot. You can be as discreet and anonymous as you want. Keep that in mind. Share intimate information about sex with someone, but keep important and identifying info to yourself.


Like other lines, they offer a free trial so don’t pass that up if you are a first time caller! Packages are also very reasonable. They start at just $4.99 – pretty cheap if you ask us. Of course – the more time you buy, the more expensive you get. But as far as price per minute, it’s reasonable..

Mr. Chat Line's Likes
  • Talk fetishes with locals
  • Opportunity to meet up
  • Sexy and fun
  • User-friendly website
Mr. Chat Line's Dislikes
  • Not one!